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VISA Platinum

PEPCO Federal Credit Union now offers Visa Platinum. High limits with low monthly payments and low intrest rates !!!! Apply online!

Rebate or Low Rate:

Rebate or low-rate financing? Car buyers often face this dilemma, and the decision isn't obvious.

You can use a factory rebate:

  • As a down payment toward your purchase, lowering the amount financed, or
  • In the form of a manufacturer's check, to use as you wish.

Low-rate financing, on the other hand, sounds great too, until you crunch the numbers. The amount financed has a larger impact on monthly payments and total interest charges than the interest rate does.

Take an offer for 0% financing for 36 months or a $2,000 factory rebate on a $20,000 purchase. If you take the credit union's rate of, for example, 4.45% and the rebate (thus financing only $18,000), you actually would save about $30 a month.

Discount financing plans generally are limited to shorter lengths and use a sliding scale where the best rates are for the shortest terms. And there isn't always one rate. You may find 0.9% on 24 months, 3.9% on 36 months, and so on. Low-rate financing terms often are so short that most people can't afford the monthly payments.

Did You Know?
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  • Facial Recognition is now available for your Pepco FCU Mobile App. Read More

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