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PEPCO Federal Credit Union offers its members loans for almost any purpose in a variety of rates, terms and programs to meet your particular needs and budget. Whatever the purpose – cars and trucks, education, medical, vacation, consolidation and more – there is a PEPCO loan program for you. Fast service and competitive rates make your credit union the place to borrow.

Personal Loans

PEPCO FCU makes loans on the guarantee of your signature for a wide range of personal needs including taxes, education, medical and emergency expenses, appliances, furnishings, vacations or other loan needs you may have. No matter what your need, PEPCO FCU members can apply for a personal loan today!

We offer a variety of personal loans:

The maximum amount to be financed is $10,000.00. The term of the loan may be up to 60 months.

A low cost line of credit of up to $10,000.00 repayable over 48 months. Often these are used by members for seasonal purposes such as holiday, vacation, tax and back-to-school times.

Line of credit is available and can be used with our checking accounts as overdraft protection. The maximum credit line is $5,000.00. The monthly payment is $20.00 for every $500.00 owed. The funds can be accessed by writing a check, ATM, online banking or audio (PEP-Talk).

Real Estate Loans

Maintaining or improving your home is a wise investment. A credit union Home Equity or Home Improvement loan is a great way to finance your home projects and add more value to your home.

At the credit union, we'll help you explore all your options and find a loan that's best suited for your situation. Our affordable loan rates and convenient repayment terms will get you started on your home improvement projects today.

Home Equity

Every mortgage payment you make builds equity in your home. You then can borrow against the equity to build that new deck or garage you've been dreaming about.

With a home equity loan from the credit union, you borrow low-interest funds that typically are tax-deductible (check with your tax advisor). Spending money to improve your house is a long-term investment that you can enjoy now.

This is a revolving line of credit with a maximum amount of $75,000.00 and minimum amount of $10,000.00, amortized up to a 10-year period.

Vehcile Loans

Put savings in high gear with an auto loan from your credit union. We offer the best rates and terms for your new or used vehicle. Compare our rates with those at other financial institutions and you'll see how your money goes further at the credit union. Plus, you'll be able to negotiate a better deal with a pre-approved, low-rate loan.

Types of Auto Loans:

The maximum amount loaned is $50,000.00 for up to 72 months. The credit union will finance 100% of the vehicle purchase price.

The credit union will finance 100% of NADA retail value for a maximum of $50,000.00, up to 72 months.

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